Anthony M. Rodriguez, Ph.D.

IT/GIS Manager
Dr. Anthony Rodriguez



Phone: 713-313-7443

Areas of Specialization: Urban forestry, survey development, technology and policy change, survey analysis, zoning, land use, neighborhood planning, economic development, sustainability, public participation, coastal development, historic district planning, wetland assessment, urban parks planning.

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Rodriguez, has served in the public sector for over 15 years. Prior to attainment of his Ph.D. he held the post as the president of a for profit corporation with a clear social purpose agenda, KCEL Corporation. His work has allowed him to provide teaching services to children in at risk public schools, economic development training to teenagers in youth build programs, sougth and won grants for a variety of public purposes, and served as the planner in charge for the development of more than three inner city neighborhoods within the City of Galveston.

While serving as the Assistant Director for Planning & Transportation, Anthony was able to see the approval of the Beach Access Plan for the City of Galveston. The eventual ordinance took into consideration the rights of all Texans for an open and public beach. The plan was used as a blue print in many communities along the Texas Coast. 

Anthony employs a unique style in all his work that fosters focusing on the purposes, meeting and exceeding potential, while utilizing practices that endear positive change and able to withstand all negative perceptions due to the open approach to public service. Dr. Rodriguez is a public servant that understands what it means to be a servant of the public. Dr. Rodriguez’s research into the institutional sectors and how they relate in respect to urban forestry and sustainability in general is currently in press and should be available by the end of the Spring Semester 2013.